"Can you fix it?"

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2021.10.22 01:35 Jems_Harrisonn "Can you fix it?"

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2021.10.22 01:35 Golub_Express WDT r33

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2021.10.22 01:35 Hawthm_the_Coward A Poem - "Jeff the Apple"

Listen, my friends, and you shall hear
A story that will tingle your spine
About a legendary chase, from a man most fear
But to one legend, a simple swine.

The Entity thrashed its limbs about
In glee as a trial began
Four survivors, one killer, and there was no doubt
Sacrifice would now plague the land.
A preschool, once full of children and crayons
Now barren and rotting away;
A survivor-favored place, some fans
Would go out of their way to say...
But the RNG was reasonable this time,
And pallets were carefully spread;
If the survivors weren't careful and ran out of line,
They would most surely be dead.
The cast was assorted, I'm happy to report:
Not a single Claudette to be found!
Yui, Feng Min and Jake would consort
On a gen when the time came around.
But one spawned away from the united group;
The shroud had not favored him, it seemed...
It was big boy Jeff - his clothes caked in red goop -
And he hadn't took two steps 'fore he screamed!
The killer had loosed their Static Burst;
The Doctor's most terrible scheme!
Now that he knew where Jeff was, he was first
and foremost right there on the scene!
But he made a mistake, and a foul one at that;
he'd chose Jeff for his hostile pursuit...
He thought this survivor so noisy and fat
That he simply didn't give a hoot
About anyone else, even though t'was one more
Who had let out a shrill startled yelp;
He wanted the Jeff who was splattered in gore,
And so Feng hopped on a gen to help.

Now, this Jeff was not your average kind
Who had Aftercare and Breakdown in tow;
This Jeff was of a particular mind
That he needed perks that just helped him GO!
No need for Distortion to barely ever proc,
And no need for Technician to conceal!
No need for any auras; what this Jeff would rock
Had power that was very, very real.
There was no way for the Doctor to know, of course;
While a Boldness bouquet had been burned,
There was no way to know who among the four
Had brought it in hopes of a spurn.
Sadly for Doctor, but happily for Jeff,
A chase was about to begin,
And by the time that there weren't any generators left,
The Doctor still had yet to win.

With skillful Sprint Bursts, he took off at mach speed!
And used Fixated to skip all around!
Spine Chill and Resilience rallied in his time of need
To make vault spots his hallowed ground.
Not meta, but not not, and its power shone bright:
In over eight minutes of time,
Every single generator was outputting light,
And with only one blow dealt in kind!
How had the Doctor not noticed this strength?
Why'd he never drop the chase even once?
The one time Jeff had lost him for any real length,
Static Burst reattached; what a dunce!
Not a single hit dealt to another guy or gal,
Not a single hook for this poor dud!
In his eyes shone a malice tres mal:
The Doctor was truly out for blood!

When the exit gates powered, the Jeff deeply sighed;
His resources were stretched a tad thin...
If he slipped up again, odds were he would die
On a hook, as the killer stared at him.
But all was not lost; nay, all was restored
By the power of a conga line:
Jeff, Feng, and Yui ran forward
To ensure their distractor would be fine!
The Doctor, he secured an extra couple hits,
But the gate had been ninety-nined;
With solo queue allies usually being worthless shits,
This Jeff's eyes with happiness shined!
They all piled out; yes, our heroes prevailed
In the post-chat there was much hooray-ing!
The Doctor's displeasure was loudly wailed...
His blood score was truly dismaying.

The perfect game to end on for survivors that night;
Though I'd imagine the killer tried once more...
Jeff hopes that the killer will sharpen their might
And they'll meet again to settle the score!
The lesson is clear from the results of this trial:
As much as we shit on this game,
It's moments like these that make it worthwhile...
I'll tell you, there is nothing lame
About working with friends and fulfilling your role
And seeing it all come together;
About memeing with friendlies... It touches your soul!
Really, is there anything better?
Sure, there are problems all over the place,
And NFTs scramble my eggs,
And why has Scissorman yet to show his face?
And too many people play Meg,
But I just love this game, I'll admit that post-haste
And anytime anyone asks,
But if you see Jeff the Apple, be ready for a chase
Because this Jeff has gotta' go fast!
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2021.10.22 01:35 Flowerpower1434 Lately

I’ve learned not to trust anyone. I’ve been trying to get back into dating since my boyfriend cheated on me. Even that alone really messed with my head. But all the guys I’ve seen from dating apps have surprised me in a way. From my experience a guy is only interested in you to hook up and then no longer respects you and treats you like a human being. I know not all guys are like that. If I haven’t hooked up with them it just hasn’t worked out. It’s fucked me up. I’m the one putting in the work to set up dates. I’m the one asking to hangout. I’m the one texting and putting in some type of effort. It gets to a point where you question your worth. It’s so disheartening to think that “love” and relationships will continue to be this way, and that maybe guys don’t see that I deserve genuine love and care. My only friend only hangs out with me when she needs something or else she doesn’t have time for me. I’ve never had a true friend and I want to have a group of girl friends so bad. I think I’ve just gotten to the point of assuming how a friendship will turn out that I end up pushing myself away. I get so sad about being lonely. I want to learn to be okay with it but it’s hard. I think all the time that maybe the problem is me. I’ve always thought maybe I’m too ugly, maybe I am annoying, but besides that I don’t see anything that’s really wrong with me. With those problems as well I’m just depressed too lol.
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2021.10.22 01:35 icydata McDavid nets PPG for 2nd of game

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2021.10.22 01:35 SE_to_NW The New Cold War: America, China, and the Echoes of History

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2021.10.22 01:35 gfgdhj5784yu8 When the big earthquake hits, 648 brick buildings in Seattle won’t be ready

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2021.10.22 01:35 Canonconstructor A place to share a hilariously bad & misleading product photo Vs description

crappydesign didn’t exactly fit the post as it’s a product- but I thought Reddit had to see this one. I did my dd and searched for different subs coming up empty so now I’m here to ask if anyone knows one where it will be appreciated.
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2021.10.22 01:35 Alobalo27 Can we just get a mega thread for people to complain?

At this point nothing about 2042 will change maybe some visual changes and bug fixes but the specialists and come gameplay is here to stay. We really just need a mega thread for people to scream into the void as nothing is changing. You are able to play your current favorite battlefield and hopefully portal will give you the game you are looking for. But again if you haven’t gotten it t this point THE GAME IS WHAT IT IS no amount of REEEEE will change that. Cancel your pre-order and move on.
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2021.10.22 01:35 gentlemanphilanderer Can't login to update payment info

Hello Public Mobile community.
I'm having a real challenge. I can't login to my account to update my payment info. My password doesn't work, and when I try the security reset, the answer to my security question also doesn't work. When I try to raise a ticket with the customer support team it refers me back to the forums which require me to login with my password. It's a gordian knot of an issue.
With a non-self-serve company there are other things I could provide to a customer service rep, but in this case, there's no way that I can think of to reset my password or otherwise access my account.
Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!
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2021.10.22 01:35 somerandomleftist5 Michael Harrington’s Failure of Vision - Left Voice

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2021.10.22 01:35 DeFatMan LF: offers FT : some stuff off GTS

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2021.10.22 01:35 Pcgamingisepic [H] Star Wars Squadrons(Origin) or GhostRunner (Gog.com) [W] Games/Paypal

9 GhostRunner(Gog.com) Keys
9 Squadrons(Origin) Keys
Rep Page: https://www.reddit.com/IGSRep/comments/qd6pwn/pcgamingisepics_igs_rep_page/

Willing to trade for Game keys or PayPal offers (Would love to find a Rust key)
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2021.10.22 01:35 Itsworthfeelinempty6 This too much food for a two night backpacking trip?

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2021.10.22 01:35 manypains03 How to win?

I've had this game for years now and still 0 wins. I've had moments where I was invested for 3 days but then the horrible dead would cause cramps, I used to have this problem which made it impossible to play games for long. I just now got back into this game using the Joycons using the analog stick which feels nice but I still suck. Any strategies? Whats the best time for non sweats?
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2021.10.22 01:34 MissNibbatoro Saturn Devouring His Son

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2021.10.22 01:34 Alazul124 This is disgusting

Besides EA, I have never seen a company so greedy and with as many disturbingly petty business choices as supercell. What do you plan to gain for this level 14 update? You’re gonna lose so many players and so much support for this amazing game, and for what? A little extra cash drained from the poor saps who have loved and poured their heart into this game? You have taken abuse of that and that is absolutely disgusting. I sincerely hope they remove this update before this game dies altogether
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2021.10.22 01:34 drinoayo Malu Trevejo Drops New Song, 'Complicado' Under Cactus Jack/Atlantic Records Labels... [Source](https://hiphopmill.com/2021/10/malu-trevejo-drops-new-song-complicado-under-cactus-jack-atlantic-records-labels/)

Malu Trevejo Drops New Song, 'Complicado' Under Cactus Jack/Atlantic Records Labels... [Source](https://hiphopmill.com/2021/10/malu-trevejo-drops-new-song-complicado-under-cactus-jack-atlantic-records-labels/) submitted by drinoayo to travisscott [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 01:34 angryyeehaws How does Jack's fog blade aim work?

I've been trying to play Jack for the past week or so, and I noticed that his fog aim is very inconsistent. Is there anything specific I have to do, like aiming towards the centre of my screen or joystick? Or is it usually just that whacky?
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2021.10.22 01:34 vlefevred4353 Salem Finance on the Fantom Network

The newest spooky moonshot is here!
Ape in our spooky community and be part of the coven, we are here to stay!
Tokenomics: -------------No taxes -------------- No Max Buy ----------------- No harvest Lock Up
Initial Supply 7500
Max Supply: 2,500,000
Deposit fee: 2%
Emission Rate Per Second: 0.0011574074
Sounds cool huh? But that's not it this project is audited by Paladin and did Kyc with Rugdoc, of course, you can verify that on your own and join this wonderful community on any of their platforms. But that's not it because this project is like no other.
Usually, a simple farm has pools only and sometimes collaborative pools, that's okay and all but Salem has Pools, Nests, and Vaults both manual and auto compounding, which is impressive of course, let me tell you something about the team, they are under a highly collaborative strategy looking for gems all the time and closing beefy deals if you know what I mean ;)
Where are they!? OMG
You can get in contact with us on the Telegram group which will be our main communication media, and where we answer most of the questions. https://t.me/SalemFinance
Aside from that, we know how important it is to have exposure on other social media, therefore creating a Discord community for our users, so you can talk, share and enjoy together as the coven we are. https://discord.gg/eNB9D2VHrT
Information flies just as we do, and there’s no better place to send quick pieces of information or even announcements than our loyal companion, no, not the crow, he’s retired, but we got a bluebird to help us spread the word. https://twitter.com/SalemFinance
As you know witches can be mediums sometimes, we might not talk to those who passed away but we can be a medium between the official commands of the coven and the Salem community, therefore you should pay attention to it! https://medium.com/@saliemfinance
We also have a nice IG In case you wanna check it out! https://www.instagram.com/salem.finance/
Telegram (https://t.me/SalemFinance)
Salem Finance
Welcome to Salem Finance
Get in contact with u/Salem_mkt
Check our documents here:
Our media:
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2021.10.22 01:34 ThinNeighborhood5568 Oil painting by me, 2021, whoisharo

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2021.10.22 01:34 Xx------aeon------xX This is what an Artificial Intelligence thinks UFOs look like

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2021.10.22 01:34 Responsible-Rock-939 Are Tina and Louise from bob's burgers named after the lyrics from the b-52's song "52 girls"?

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2021.10.22 01:34 Careless_Gas_4119 Best Taco Catering for a birthday party?

Any recommendations for a private party taco catering around Los Angeles? Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.22 01:34 Lumpy-Rain6288 Electric Powertrain Market Size & Share - Industry Report, 2019-2026

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