i wish that gir from invader zim was real

2021.10.21 23:28 DogLongjumping2064 i wish that gir from invader zim was real

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2021.10.21 23:28 anoma1yy xb1 H:candy bowl W: 2 people get candy will give caps or get your candy

Tryna get this daily for the event done didn't realize I had to get it for 5 days.
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2021.10.21 23:28 NewsElfForEnterprise The new MacBook Pros look amazing, but I just want a MacPad

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2021.10.21 23:28 bobasaurrr Did Manny Coto bring the downfall of AHS’s writing?

\Just a civil discussion. I'm just trying to find a pattern and maybe find the reason why Double Feature went worse and worse even comparing to other recent seasons\**

There has to be a reason why the writing magically got so bad one after another since Gaslight. So I did some research...
Turns out starting with Gaslight, Manny Coto joined as a writer. Pre-Gaslight, the writer credits only had Ryan + Brad. After he joined, the show weirdly started going downhills. Here's a list of the scores on IMDB (They are all credited with Ryan + Brad + Manny)
E5 8.9 (1,967)
E6 4.6 (2,360) (Red Tide finale)
E7 5.7 (1,648)
E8 6.7 (1,042)
E9 5.9 (757)
E10 3.9 (494) (Death Valley finale) (as of 10/21)

So I did a little bit more digging to see what are some of his other involvement with AHS, turns out he's also a writer on 2 episodes of AHStoies
E3 5.7 (2,527) (Drive In)
E4 4.6 (2,307) (The Naughty List)

what do yall think 👀
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2021.10.21 23:28 breachtones BOC-sounding artist or a BOC fake on YT that I cannot find for the life of me. Help!

There's this song I saw on YouTube one day, sounded extremely like those artists that straight up just rip off BOC or it may even have been a BOC fake. Might've been uploaded a while ago, something like 2007.
I am certain the video was clips of this episode of the 70s Swedish kids show "Kalles Klätterträd". Song itself sounded a bit like Roygbiv, but I'm not too sure.
I also think it may have been a collaboration, and one of the monikers of the musicians was "DJ" something.
Hopefully someone knows whatever the fuck this is.
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2021.10.21 23:28 Either_Imagination_9 A conversation I caught on Twitter

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2021.10.21 23:28 topredditbot A little piece of advice to all you Antiwork kids from a 45 year old Gen X'er [r/antiwork by u/MelmacDaddy]

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2021.10.21 23:28 ThreeMashedPotatoes Where to buy spores in the US?

Basically the title. I live in the PNW and want to get some spores and try growing on my own! No idea where to start though, so any help is much appreciated!
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2021.10.21 23:28 Onamlak Laptop returns continuously

Theoretically could I return a laptop every 90 days and buy a new one to avoid ever having an out of date or obsolete machine?
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2021.10.21 23:28 karen_h 54f [F4M] So Cal - beach cities. Would love to find someone to binge watch shows and explore a few restaurants.

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2021.10.21 23:28 HommeCasanier 💉对武汉肺炎病毒防感染的debuff效果疑似愈加显著

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2021.10.21 23:28 bingelfr I wish it was socially acceptable to just spend some time alone

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2021.10.21 23:28 kepp81 How safe is KuCoin from "prying eyes?"

How safe is KuCoin from certain "prying eyes" in the US?
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2021.10.21 23:28 TravisWWE12 Ivy Nile

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2021.10.21 23:28 YaBoyInstall Pinpoint Tractor Array

Does the rotate turret arc action count as your action for the turn or can you still take your action afterwards?
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2021.10.21 23:28 Coritylol [NA] Group looking for younger people to play with

Hiii i have a group of young diverse people who have been looking for players to play it, we're all around 15-18 years old (we're still open to having older people =)). Our ranks range from mid silver to low plat. We mostly play norms, but we're open to ranked flex. add me if you're interested
Discord: Cority#7891 IGN: Cority
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2021.10.21 23:28 KingKKazma Why should I play it?

I love gacha games with rpg aspects, I'd like to know if Dragalia Lost is worth playing
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2021.10.21 23:28 yard-sards Current therapist doesn't know how to help me, what kind of therapy should I look for instead?

I've been going to the same therapist for almost 2 years now and we haven't made much progress. He listens to my venting and validates me and helps me figure out how to deal with mundane struggles but I haven't actually improved much long-term.
We recently discussed the issue and he admitted that he had no clue where to go from here. He asked if I'd like to discontinue therapy. I said that I didn't wanna keep wasting his time (he's a university therapist (not counselor, actual professional mental health doctor) so his work is free to all students who need it, and I don't wanna take up a time slot that could be used to fix another student) but I don't think I'm ready to quit therapy because I am still very much mentally unwell.
I have trauma from physical and mental child abuse/neglect. I have either depression or type 2 bipolar with a really high ratio of depressive to hypomanic episodes (my psychiatrist is still trying to figure out which of the two it is). I'm frequently suicidal (though not bad enough to act upon it). I'm anxious. I have trouble completing basic daily tasks. I also have ADHD and autism but idk if therapy can do much about that.
But the thing is, all of my cognitive behaviours that we've looked at seem to be remarkably healthy. I don't blame myself for the abuse. My self esteem is fine. My suicidal ideation is just because I'm tired of constantly suffering, not because I think I don't deserve to live. I don't have many friends and most of them are online but I maintain healthy relationships with them and am able to open up emotionally and seek support from them. I don't self harm or do drugs/alcohol.
I'm seeing a psychiatrist about medication but we haven't found anything that worked yet. They're hoping maybe medication will fix everything because my issues seem to be emotional rather than cognitive or behavioural, but so far it doesn't seem to be enough.
My therapist said he'd see if any of the other therapists at the university health center can help me, but he's not sure if anyone could do anything about me. He said that my symptoms are different from anything he's ever seen before in his decades of work, and he doesn't know if therapies exist to help people like me because I already sorted out almost all of my cognitive issues on my own, and therapy exists mostly to fix harmful cognitive patterns.
Can therapy just not fix me or do I just need to try a different type? What type would you recommend??
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2021.10.21 23:28 user_3241 "How the he'll does it smell in here, you just showered?"

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2021.10.21 23:28 JardsonJean I don't show off ever, but when I'm alone, I love dancing and performing to no one

I'm male, 28 yo and gay. I've been an introvert my whole life, early days in school still haunt me, it was a nightmare. But I had this particular thing with me since I was very little. My aunt loved europop when I was a kid and she'd often play it when she came to my house. I loved it. She was a dancer for a small band where we lived when in the 90s and I'd often join her dancing. I still remember the first time I heard Aqua's Barbie Girl and that literally changed my life. We obviously didn't understand a word, but it always felt so liberating and magic. I always feel deeply nostalgic when I hear it.
Growing up, I started to feel the need to supress wanting to hear and dance to electronic music, being gay and all. But I never stopped it. There are days when I literally only go to sleep after dancing my ass off to music I find on Youtube. I'm very flamboyant and probably very awkward when I do it, but I don't care. The lights are off, no one can here me and my mind gets crazy thinking about costumes, props, different dance moves to tell a story... everything I'd do if I had any change to ever perform to a crowd.
I sometimes question what I'd be doing in life if I wasn't gay or didn't feel the need to supress signaling feminity when I dance. Would I be so socially awkward? Even though I'm probably trash at it, I feel like I'm expressing so much when I do it. I'll probably keep doing it alone by myself, which I literally don't mind at this point. But it is a part of me which is at odds with who I've been my whole life. I'd never want to be in an actual stage performing and yet it feels tantalizing to think about it be do it in my head.
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2021.10.21 23:28 guccibandit2 Passive Investing

Anytime I am close to fomoing into the next “meme” stock or I see unfavorable news about the stock market, I just come back here and see how level-headed everyone is and stick to the course. Thanks
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2021.10.21 23:28 Crafty-Associate-810 Where can i find an actual SD?

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2021.10.21 23:28 AmbassadorWorf Star Trek S2 E4 "Mirror, Mirror"

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2021.10.21 23:28 Few_Dig7979 Influencer's morning routine starter pack

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2021.10.21 23:28 AmbassadorWorf Did anybody tell him?

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