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[JennaLaine] Bucs quarterback Tom Brady called this Sunday’s game against the Bills their “biggest game of the year.” Bucs can clinch first division title in 10 years on Sunday.

2021.12.09 00:53 brt_k [JennaLaine] Bucs quarterback Tom Brady called this Sunday’s game against the Bills their “biggest game of the year.” Bucs can clinch first division title in 10 years on Sunday.

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2021.12.09 00:53 Rainbowcake17 Moss Adams or BDO

I got an offer for both for the Audit Associate position. However, BDO gives few thousands less in terms of salary. I know BDO is a bigger firm, but it is still not Big 4. Are my exit opportunities limited if I go to Moss Adams and not BDO? Any advice is appreciated.
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2021.12.09 00:53 wellworks Ahh! Getting excited!!

Although I have my reservations, now that it's so close I am starting to get excited for the new series; much like the excitement I had when the first movie was premiering (we'll just pretend that 2nd one didn't happen). Here's to hoping they nail it and stay true to our girls, while giving us something new.

With that said, where can i watch and what time? I haven't prepared for this at all haha
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2021.12.09 00:53 RehydratedJatoba THE BOOK Survivor - Round 3

Another round down. "Haruka" and "Mou Sukoshi Dake" have been eliminated. "Gunjou" will be immune next round. The full results are below.

Gunjou | 12 Taisho Roman | 9 Yasashii Suisei | 6 Ano Yume | 5 Sangenshoku | 4 Love Letter | 3 Tsubame | 1 Kaibutsu | 0 Tabun | 0 Moshimo Inochi | -1 Haruka | -3 Mou Sukoshi Dake | -6 
Some more honorable mentions: "Yasashii Suisei" and "Taisho Romance" both received zero kicks this round! Last round, they held a balanced score of zero. "Tsubame" is the most improved track this round, springing from 17 kicks to now only 2.
Play Round 3 here: https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/2BCCSs
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2021.12.09 00:53 murricator Nest Hub and Google Docs

Hello! I'm looking to view my Google Docs on my Nest Hub. Most previous reddit posts point to this not being possible, but most of the posts are 1+ years old. Any progress on this?
My desire to load up Docs is to view recipes. I would like to use my own recipes on the Hub rather than using Assistant to search for others. Any other ways I can view my own?
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2021.12.09 00:53 DespicableDemonGod Opinions on chopability? Green Crack freebie from North Atlantic Seeds. Day 89 from seed.

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2021.12.09 00:53 Kooney_23 Leveling anyone?

Starting fresh on the jom gabbar season of mastery server. Anyone interested in leveling, fraternizing, and communing?
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2021.12.09 00:53 Kris918 Coach Applications Question

So my store manager said something to me today that made me feel a bit weird about the whole thing about applying for coach positions. I’ve kinda just been putting in applications in whenever there’s an availability in a store within my area. I’ve had a few interviews, but nothing’s come of it yet. Not worried about it really. However my store manager today told me I should stop cause it’s going to look bad. Here’s the kicker: I don’t trust as far as I can throw him. He’s new to our store, sales have tanked, morale sucks, and we’re hemorrhaging money and associates left and right. While I feel like what he says isn’t out of the realm of possibility, I just can’t take it on faith he has my best interests at heart. Telling me to slow down would prevent him losing another associate sooner, and that whole thing just makes me uncomfortable. Any advice?
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2021.12.09 00:53 Active-Heron-8898 Sniffles' emotion clones screenshot edit

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2021.12.09 00:53 Retro_Tech_or_Die Retro Video Scope Creep.....A necessary evil....

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2021.12.09 00:53 hypomyces Anyone hear of Romulus?

It’s another Italian production, with two major draws for me. Roman historical drama and soundtrack by Mokadelic.
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2021.12.09 00:53 Gross_Owner Zunami Protokol Ambassadors Program

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2021.12.09 00:53 Sheanar Yay, i'm getting tested!

After a year of sitting on what i suspect is OAS with increasing reactions to whatever is causing me trouble (it's a long list) I got to talk to an allergist, albeit by phone. I was so worried that I'd have a hard time convincing her it was allergies, but she was totally willing to test me. She prescribed me an epipen in the mean time, and said to wear an indicator of said epipen. It feels so good to be believed.
The test isn't for a couple of months (covid slowing everything down, as usual these days). She is willing to test me for whatever foods I bring in, cooked and/or raw.
I'm wondering though, how accurate is prick testing for OAS - she'll be doing it on my legs probably. Does anyone with OAS have info on that?
My list of suspected allergens/problem foods: Carrots, Brassicas, Alliums, parsley, oregano, bell peppers, celery, bananas, unripe avocados, potatoes, and cucumber.
Thanks for any input :)
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2021.12.09 00:53 BespinBen "Great Canyon" - PMD: Rescue Team DX ~Piano Collections~

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2021.12.09 00:53 Big-Distribution8001 H: 6 Weapons including two B SS 90 Melee, willing to bundle. W: Leather coat no backpack, Bloodied handmade or offers. Happy to take individual offers too

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2021.12.09 00:53 Mdn_whiteboi Who got them meridian hoes

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2021.12.09 00:53 torag7 Another broken train horn?

Feels like it’s been honking for 20 minutes straight now
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2021.12.09 00:53 Admirable-One-9661 I have a question

Is red hood or Robin easy I’ve wanted to play them but I wanted to know and if not who would you recommend
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2021.12.09 00:53 alberto444 This is still way too early but who would win in a best of 7 series? 2015 Bulls or current Bulls? No injuries, no Covid. And Bulls have home court advantage

This is still way too early but who would win in a best of 7 series? 2015 Bulls or current Bulls? No injuries, no Covid. And Bulls have home court advantage submitted by alberto444 to chicagobulls [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 00:53 JonnySports It’s time boys. We’ve made it to the Fireworks Factory.

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2021.12.09 00:53 DropShotEpee Lightblade Tournament - Humanity's Last Blade

It should have been easy.
Gark had been briefed on humans and felt like he shouldn’t have feared his upcoming match. Now, however, as he stepped backward desperate for air and realized none of his attacks were landing, he cursed that information they had given him.
What was that about an easy match? Underdeveloped planet? Weak bodies? Easy path to the finals? Gark thought, horrified. What is easy about this? What is underdeveloped? What about this man is weak?
Worst of all, he knew, was that the information they had given him was entirely accurate. It just didn’t matter.
Lightblades were an incredible weapon—you carried what appeared to be nothing but their hilt, and at a flicker of the wrist a sharp laser would shoot out of it creating the blade at any point. This beam of light was deadly—mere contact with it, however light, would immediately burn its target. Perhaps burn wasn’t severe enough a word for it—the lightest of contacts with a Lightblade was enough to erase nearly anything it touched, leaving only a blade shaped hole and a burn mark as far as it had gone.
Only one thing could bring a Lightblade’s momentum to a halt: another Lightblade. Upon contact, both blades’ momentum is brought to a halt and at this point it becomes a battle of strength—nearly an arm wrestling contest where both fighters try to push the other down to their knees, blades locked, and deliver the final blow.
Humans, Gark had been told, were much weaker than Terrakians—their cousin species—and Gark could out-muscle Terrakians quite easily. There was hardly any information on the nearly extinct humans from Earth, but he had been assured they were not, physically, the most capable of species. He had been told correctly.
THEN WHY, he thought, as a measure of desperation formed in his mind, CAN’T I WIN AGAINST THIS COWARDICE?
Lon, the human, stood at an odd distance. He refused to engage against Gark in a contest of strength, and instead dodged every attack.
“Coward!” Gark shouted. His large body—a human would have described it as reptile-like, covered in scales and with a narrow face that looked closer to a lizard than a person—tensed up and he gripped at his blade tighter. “Has humanity got no honor?”
“Honor?” Lon laughed. “No, we do not. To humans, honor isn’t a possession, it’s an action. The more we encountered other species, the more we confirmed this belief—honor isn’t something we inherit or have. It’s something we earn. Something we do. We honor something, we do not hold honor. Not anymore.
“And how does running away from me earn you honor?” Gark demanded. His breath was heavy now. “This is the galaxy’s most important sporting contest and you stand here as humanity’s representative! Do you really think shaming your nearly extinct species is will bring you honor?”
“Shaming my species would’ve been to lose,” Lon replied cockily. “We have a saying on Earth—the winners write history. If I win this tournament, then anyone complaining about how we do it is just a sore loser.”
Gark barked a laugh. “And you think you can win? You?
Lon merely smiled in response. “I believe you haven’t landed a hit on me yet, have you?”
It had started to rain now—Ventura was a fitting planet for the tournament, with perfect gravity conditions for most species to adapt to with little issue, and generally perfect weather. This night was the exception.
Raindrops fell against their blades, evaporating upon touch and producing a harrowing, yet almost melodic sound. Neither competitor moved or made a sound. For a while, only that low reverb of an echo of Lightblade meeting water punctuated the silence.
Then Gark moved with harrowing speed.
He leaped at Lon as he had been taught by his Venelean masters—leaping using the highest vantage point he could find, flexing all of his muscles in order to increase his speed and thus his strength. Though momentum would halt upon contact of their blades, gravity would ensure a second later and any natural leverage he held in that position would give him advantage once the blades were locked.
Lightblade duels were, at their core, a game of being in the most advantageous position once the blades locked.
And here Lon turned off his Lightblade at the time of the expected clash, rolled to the side, dishonourably avoiding the blade clash and retreating to a safe position. Here, he turned on his Lightblade again. “Aren’t you getting tired of those?” he asked, mockingly. “You have to be, certainly.”
“Aren’t you getting tired of being a coward?” Gark barked back. “You can’t win if you don’t engage blades with me!”
“Is that true?” Lon asked, feigning confusion. “Why, I did not know!” Here, he smirked. “Let’s lock blades, then.”
He’s going to do something cowardly again, Gark thought. Humans are cowardly. That’s the only thing I learned today. He’s not going to attack me, he’s just going to keep running away.
But to his—and the audience’s—surprise, Lon moved forward, blade held pointed almost sideways, and he brought it toward his opponent in a mighty cutting attack. Surprised as he was, Gark’s fast reflexes were enough for him to bring his own Lightblade in response in a slashing attack of his own, and both blades met at nearly even points of their swing.
This was important!
Lightblade duels were decided largely by the point where the blade lock happened. If the momentum halt happened when one fighter’s arm was barely extended and the other had managed to put their full body behind their swing, then once the push for dominance began one side would have an obvious advantage. The reason behind this is simple: you can exert different amounts of strength relating to the angle of your approach and how extended your arm is.
Think of pushing heavy object—how do you do it? You usually pull your arms back and bring them forward to push, yes? But if you’re pushing a vehicle forward, you usually have your arms nearly at full extension(though not quite) and are mostly using your legs to obtain the necessary strength. It all depends on the type of action and the angle of approach—and knowing the time to try to push with your arms or your legs. Lightblade combat, as it was taught, was vastly about knowing when to utilize either.
And Gark was a specialist at this! Even caught by surprise, he knew to utilize his superior size to approach from above, and when blades locked it soon became clear—advantage was his!
Unlike steel blades, Lightblades did not slide. Their points of contact were firmly planted against each other, and you slide your blade up or down—your only option was to pull it off completely, which would usually allow your opponent to have enough time to attack you. Once their blades were locked, you couldn’t even turn off the blade—the function was forbidden. At this point, only strength and leverage mattered, and Gark had both of them.
It should have ended there.
But the human grinned.
And Gark felt a chill down his tail.
Recall, if you will, that Lon’s arm wasn’t fully extended. This was key here.
Though the point of contact between the two blades couldn’t move, everything else could. Both blades had mess in a cross, clashing against each other. And here, to everyone’s surprise, Lon didn’t push back—he adjusted his stance. From that cross position, with the sides of their blades colliding and meeting at the middle, he took a step back and fully extended his arm. At this point, Gark had even more leverage and Lon had less strength.
But the step back had a different purpose.
The distance between the two had increased. Even if Gark managed to overpowered Lon, his attack would no longer connect with his body. And so, here, rather than try to combat him in strength, Lon purposefully allowed his blade to be pushed back. No, more than that—!
Here, Lon suddenly stopped giving any resistance at all and pulled his blade back in the same direction that Gark had been pushing. This was enough that the taller fighter ended up nearly falling forward as his strike completed its motion and met nothing but empty air.
And this was enough time for Lon, who had taken a step back, to strike forward and connect.
Gark’s Shield: 43%
It was a direct strike and it was nearly enough to break his shields—his life was not in danger, but he felt the burn were the attack had landed. He would have been bleeding if the Lightblade hadn’t cauterized the wound as soon as it connected.
But it wasn’t the damage to his health that he was concerned about. It wasn’t even the damage to his pride that was the biggest issue. It was how he had been hit.
He managed to land an attack on me without overpowering me, he considered. My Venelean masters never taught me that.
They exchanged strikes again, but Gark had already suspected the result in his heart. He would fight to the very end—but he had a good idea about what would happen from that point on. Still, he had his pride to think about.
Every time they clashed Lightblades, Lon would retreat to a safe distance and let go of the cross engagement at that point, sometimes delivering a counterstrike. Gark continued to fight as he always had—what use would be to undo decades of training in a hasty attempt at countering? Yet, the young Balerian knew better than to expect a different result with each attempt. With every exchange, his shield just got lower and lower.
Suddenly, when he readied himself for a strike, Lon thrusted forward.
The shortest distance between two objects is a straight line. When you attempt at a cut, you always lose out on some range—and assuming both blades are of equal length, as most Lightblades usually are, the thrust will reach its destination faster. So there’s more to humanity’s tricks than just escaping the lock, Gark thought as he fell. Interesting.
Gark’s Shield: 0%
“It’s my loss,” Gark admitted, raising his hand. In a dignified gesture, he pointed at the sensor around the arena and waited for the scanning to complete. The crowd was shouting excitedly in the distance, but he could hardly hear them properly from inside the barrier. Doesn’t matter what they are saying. I lost anyway.
His shield was at zero but he was still alive. He could, theoretically, keep fighting—but there was no reason for a bloodbath here. The result was clear, and dying was pointless. He wasn’t out of the tournament with just a single loss, anyhow. There was still hope. But he had lost to a human, and he had to come to terms with that.
“How?” he asked at the end. It was a question he asked with a low voice devoid of the aggression he should have felt. Frustration, anger, humiliation—all of those feelings were there. Yet one surpassed them all. Curiosity. “How do you know how to wield Lightblades so well, human? Your kind was only introduced to them recently.”
“Because humans don’t let go off their past,” Lon replied. “We have been practicing swordsmanship for thousands of years. At first for war, but then for entertainment. We are not so far removed from it that we don’t do it for sport. You guys have been focused on space warfare for too long now…Lightblade combat has only started up again recently, hasn’t it? Fifty or so years?”
Gark nodded. “About that, yes.”
“I imagine you have a lot of people trying to figure out the principles of sword fighting right now. And interest only really sparked up recently when the prize for this tournament was announced, was it not? Shouldn’t be a surprise that there are techniques you aren’t used to.”
Agan, Gark nodded, this time a little less happily than before. “That is valid when you put it like that.”
It wasn’t just that.
Even those short fifty years had been enough to yield a measure of tradition already, and it was seen as dishonourable to try something else. Still…I could just leave it at this. I could just not bother—I still have other fights to worry about.
But he wouldn’t leave it like this.
“Hey, human?” Gark asked.
Lon turned around and could not keep the surprise off his face. “What is it?” He hadn’t thought the Balerian would want anything to do with him after that match.
“Teach me,” Gark said, with a sort of dark confidence to his voice. It was as if he had professed his interest in learning forbidden magic. “Teach me your human ways.”
Lon regarded him for a single second, then, without considering the implications of his response, said—“It would be my pleasure.”
If you enjoyed this story—especially the way I write swordfights—I just released a novel on Amazon called Duellist's Road that has a lot more swordfights like it. It’s a fantasy novel rather than sci-fi, but if you enjoyed the sword fighting for this short story I imagine you'll enjoy it there too - it's the same type of narration and level of detail.
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2021.12.09 00:53 DippyHippy420 New Zealand will ban young people from ever being able to purchase tobacco in their lifetimes under new plans to make New Zealand smokefree.

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2021.12.09 00:53 Spirited_Work_4997 💎 Kaizilla 💎 | NFT Airdrop - Join our community | Big marketing push today | Caesar call incoming | Next 100X Gem!

🔥 K A I Z I L L A 🔥
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2021.12.09 00:53 Quasargyle Characters in film or television that seem to adhere to wu wei but aren't officially represented as Taoist

This is an extremely subjective topic open to opinion. Obviously many characters on a "path" with a story arc could argued to be representing wu wei.
The most accurate character I can think of would be Forest Gump. Step by step throughout the film we see him seamlessly transition from one adventure/tragedy/calling/direction to the next all without any strong sense of striving or ambition. Forest hardly frets about the past or future and when he speaks of either it is in direct relation to how it defines his present.
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2021.12.09 00:53 Your_Street_Rat Yummy....

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