New haul just came in

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2021.12.09 00:37 Avidine New haul just came in

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2021.12.09 00:37 wakeangel2001 when you decry toxic fandom only for toxic fans to start fighting in your thread

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2021.12.09 00:37 LockedUpAbroadArgh What is good value wine?

Looking to spend a max of ca. $500 on five or six good wines - can be less as will add gift card to bring total value up to $1,000.
I am not a connoisseur and there are so many options. What price point is the sweet spot? Any ideas welcome!
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2021.12.09 00:37 TheLittleNorsk blursed_childrens content

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2021.12.09 00:37 EndersGame_Reviewer There's something oddly satisfying about a card based on couch cushions

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2021.12.09 00:37 smaugchow71 Kinda losing hope over here

Note: looks like a long one, get some popcorn and a soda...
We are recovering from a decade long nearly dead bedroom, HER fault. She decided we would not have sex if anybody else was in the house, so we had sex about once a quarter for 10+ years. Now that we are empty nesters I'm busting my ass to make up for lost time, and to give her the best sex of her life, and while she seems happy to accept it, she's not willing to do much of anything to reciprocate.
Last night I laid it on thick. I set up a space heater in the spare room and let it run all day to give her a hot room (she's always cold.) I set out all the toys, bought some new ones, heated the massage oil and lube, glass of ice, even made a gentle flogger out of cotton rope (more of a tickler, really.) I bought one of those under-the bed restraint systems years ago but we never used it. We did last night.
So after dinner I ask her to freshen up if she likes (she's known all day that I was preparing something upstairs)and come see me in a bathrobe when she is ready. When she comes up the stairs she sees me standing in a pair of silk boxers that I am amazed still fit 15+ years after I bought them, holding a coil of rope. Her eyes go a little wide and I ask her, in my best sexy tone, "Do you trust me?" She starts this nervous laugh thing and doesn't answer the question. I stop her. "I need a simple answer. Do you trust me?" "Well, yeah, but..."
At this point I'm kinda pissed, honestly. We've been married 19 years, together almost 25, how can she not answer "Of course," or "with my life" or even a simple not-laughing-at-me "Yes." We've never done bondage of any kind but we have discussed it recently. I know she is reluctant but I'd like to know she fucking trusts me.
So I snapped a little, said "I need to know that you trust me. If you don't, we can head downstairs and watch TV if you prefer." She said something about that being a little rude and and I'm about to say fuck it at that point. Then she said she trusts me, still with a look and tone that says the opposite. I really needed that validation, and I think it really soured the experience for me. Anyway, she passed my test and I let her in.
Lit by one candle and the glow of the space heater controls, the room is very dim. I peel off her robe, smooch a little, then invite her to lie down and get a backrub. 20 minute hot oil massage, slow and sexy. Shoulda had some music playing but didn't think of it. Flip her over. Again I ask, "Do you trust me?" And again I get the nervous "Yes..." rising tone at the end showing reluctance or fear. Finer, I'm not going to get what I want there. Soldier on. I pull out the restraints and slowly Velcro her ankles and wrists, then put the blindfold on her. We've done the blindfold before.
Then I spend the next half hour using ice, the tickleflogger (VERY gentle slaps with that thing, this was about as low intensity as it gets,) feather, vibes, fingers and tongue all over her. Then more attention to the important bits (I'm damn good with my fingers,) varying intensity and location of stimulus, etc. Any serious student of BDSM would call it stomping through the kiddie pool, but it was edgy for us.
I took a little blue pill 2 hours earlier, so I expected to be ready to go when the time came. Bastard wouldn't rise to the occasion. I feel like that convo at the door torpedoed my confidence, and that right there is the key to my ED. We tried, I got half hard, enough to finish me off but too damn quick. I had plans for that event and they did not come to fruition. My ED is generally under control but the pill sure helps for extended action. Not last night.
Sorry, I feel like I'm writing a porno here and that wasn't my intention. I'll wrap it up. After that we relaxed a bit, she gave me a short backrub, we fooled around a bit more and I was again barely able to climax while pushing rope.
Did she have good time? Made a ton of noises that made it sound like she was. She'd be putting on an hell of a show if it's all an act.
Afterwards I was trying to figure out what worked best, what she liked and didn't like, etc. She just said "I just like it when you are in me."
I'm being super husband over here, trying my damnedest to expand her horizons, give her more and more, find something she likes, because she takes zero accountability for her own sexuality. She doesn't masturbate, she doesn't look at porn, she won't go into an adult store with me, won't buy lingerie, won't give me a hummer unless it's part of the larger sex act, and NEVER to completion, almost never initiates, etc. Her sex life is 100% in my hands, and I feel like nothing I can do makes a difference.
I guess the lesson is, stop putting so much effort into it. I'm worn the fuck out, emotionally drained. There's a lot more wrong with us than the bedroom, but I really wanted this to be a win, something we could build from. I wanted some hope.
I didn't get it.
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2021.12.09 00:37 SchoolFellow Pic of my fort site. There are too many trees. Because of this, I may be unable to have trade caravans. Perhaps this is revenge for all the elven caravans I've slaughtered.

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2021.12.09 00:37 PM_me_Henrika Eyes covered

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2021.12.09 00:37 Wonderful-Ad3080 Bhabhiji mood main hai

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2021.12.09 00:37 PsychologicalAd6764 I was violently raped when I was 13.

I started dating this new guy and we’ve been together for about a month. Recently he told me while we have sex he looks at my scars……… When I was 13 I was violently raped by a group of 6 men. One of the men took out a pocket knife and cut the sides of my vagina where it meets my thighs. I have big deep scars from that and he asked me about them one day and I told him what happened. I’m never really self conscious about them until he told me he looks at them while we have sex. I know he didn’t say it to make me feel bad but now I can’t help but be self conscious about it. Idk what to do because it makes me not want to have sex with him anymore. I know he didn’t mean it to hurt my feelings but I made me feel so shitty. Idk what to do.
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2021.12.09 00:37 NoChart3895 [H] TV series free test/HD sports live 7 days catch-up[W] | Cash App|

Quality of all 4 k Our TV channels offer high definition quality Fast switching Our IPTV service has an incredible channel switching time of about 0.5 seconds! Free testing You have 3 days to test our products for free before you subscribe Fast order delivery We offer your premium IPTV subscription a few hours after payment More services to discover (
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2021.12.09 00:37 DrakeVincent Give back Lifelines Res shield But hear me out

not sure if its posted here but... i think her res is so bleh since youre so vulnerable when ur resing by her. but Why not give a res shield X% of the LL's Down shield? so u can actually get cover and at the same time its actually destructible.

Also make a use out of the pointless tracker lol.
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2021.12.09 00:37 liklikliktik Does anyone know how to choose which mission I wanna play using Gibbed?

So basically I’m at the captain flynt mission and I don’t wanna play it, is there any way I could just skip to the road to sanctuary? thanks in advance :)
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2021.12.09 00:37 roxxsetti Looking for Radio Jingles!

Hello all! I am trying to come up with a list of local jingles to sing at a talent show. All I can think of is the Maple Service ones. Y’all know of any others? Thanks :)
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2021.12.09 00:37 StiiizyGang RP500M from Klipsch for decent price/use in HT

I found a set of used Klipsch RP500M on FB marketplace that aren't damaged or anything for $299 and I'm starting a small home theatre set up with the set. Would this be a good deal for a pair of speakers? I was also curious if I got 4 of these speakers and a center channel like a 504C would that be a decent start for a 5.0 set up? Possibly going to add an SB 1000 or even a Pro if I can find one used
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2021.12.09 00:37 alan_bryant henlo

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2021.12.09 00:37 BuffMonke here is a chonky cat I found on r/chonkera

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2021.12.09 00:37 Traveler-07 When people say marriage is hard work, what do they mean?

I’ve been with my partner for years. Recently, I’m not sexually turned on by them, I don’t find their jokes as funny and all around I just don’t enjoy our relationship a lot. How long is a rough patch? When people say marriage is hard is this what they’re talking about? Or is this something else? I still have so much love for them as a person and they make an amazing partner but something feels gone.
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2021.12.09 00:37 user9283741 CA resident here: do u guys think feb test date will get cancelled?

Basicallyy I urgently need a score before March and my SAT dates have already been cancelled like four times (rip) so I just want to make sure ACT isn't cancelling test dates like a day before the actual test date!
It would be great if anyone in California who has taken the ACT within the last year could just drop whether 1) they were able to get the test done or 2) their test center closed so I know if I should fly out to Idaho or something to take the test
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2021.12.09 00:37 slut4mitchell sydney and clinton

did syd and clinton break up or am i hallucinating? lmao i know it’s not my business butttt. they aren’t following eachother anymore on instagram and don’t have many pictures up together. is this old news?😂
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2021.12.09 00:37 ThePizzaInspector Hay gente en el obelisco?

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2021.12.09 00:37 Colegx Work load/amount of stress

I applied ED to Washu Olin and I’ve been getting pretty nervous. I’ve always been hardworking and I consistently have about 1-2 hours of homework every night with tests and quizzes everyday. Going through this thread and reading about people having issues with stress, work load, and social life has made me kind of nervous. I’ve always wanted a “college experience” albeit not the huge state school party all the time experience. I’m now wondering how stressful WashU is for Olin students and if I want to have fun, is WashU the right place for me? Is WashU overwhelming compared to other schools? I know these are kind of loaded questions but any answer would help. - sincerely a stressed highschooler
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2021.12.09 00:37 Affectionate-Row1766 Hey guys✌🏽 figured I’d show my favorite cards and also get an opinion on the online tcg if it’s any good I’ve been debating getting the app or not? Thanks y’all much love

Hey guys✌🏽 figured I’d show my favorite cards and also get an opinion on the online tcg if it’s any good I’ve been debating getting the app or not? Thanks y’all much love submitted by Affectionate-Row1766 to pokemoncardcollectors [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 00:37 bigstepper56 Pyt Dropboxes $5 for 2 HMU ASAP‼️

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2021.12.09 00:37 throwaway_75_124 Why is everyone fighting?

Ok so the tension is this sub is THICK y'all! Everyone is entitled to their opinions... If you don't like an opinion, why argue it? Move right along to the next comment or post.
If the person is clearly one of Cole's minions, don't say anything... Just report it as against the sub rules, because it is.
Just wanted to say this because it's getting be quite frequent, and not just a one off.
Just my two cents... Commence snarking ✌️
TLDR: Cant we all just get along? Lol
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