[REQUEST] The Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader, 2020 APA Update 12th Edition by X. J. Kennedy, Dorothy M. Kennedy, Marcia F. Muth

2022.01.27 20:46 PatrickCatherine [REQUEST] The Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader, 2020 APA Update 12th Edition by X. J. Kennedy, Dorothy M. Kennedy, Marcia F. Muth

Print ISBN: 9781319368197, 1319368190
eText ISBN: 9781319368951, 1319368956
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2022.01.27 20:46 bod_geldof What a load of sh**, I want to best this.

The last 14 months have been the worst of my life.
I have gone from a functional human being to a chronic depressive and anxiety sufferer. This time last year I couldn’t open my eyes for more than a couple of minutes before they started to sting, inflame and become unbearable.
Somehow I managed to survive that shit. Things got a little bit better once I found the right doctors. The first doctors I found were useless. They understood less about my problem than I do now. They said “you might just be a boy with dry eyes”. Fuck you. I’m 27. My life isn’t ready to be over. I kept searching. I kept reading. I found doctors who understood a bit more. Who could help me get to a place of survival. But is surviving really enough? No it isn’t. Even those doctors were constrained, by time, by the system they were in and by the complexity of my issue.
Here I am, 14 months after. My eyes aren’t like they were. But I won’t give up. Fuck the ophthalmologists, the optometrists. The only person you can really rely on is you. Your own intelligence and capability. Learn to read academic papers, to ingest clinical studies, make enough money that that can’t be a barrier to treatment. Learn to be a stoic.
This weekend I will start a treatment I had to fight for. I don’t know whether it will help. But if it doesn’t. It’s not the end for me. Because there’s too much possibility out there.
To all my fellow dry eye sufferers. Stay strong. It’s not over. Keep fighting. There’s more to this. Find your source of inner strength and consider it holy.
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2022.01.27 20:46 lockdownzx Your expectations with the coming S22 Line-up

My expectation is seeing the comparison videos between the exynos and snapdragon variants after it's release. What are your expectations with the upcoming new line-up? New features that you would like the S22 to have? I really hope they would put back the expandable memory.
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2022.01.27 20:46 tatzapper Anybody having issues with their comics missing the digital code?

Seems every week for several weeks now my comics are missing the digital code entirely. Somebody didn’t steal it, it’s literally just not there. Is this a widespread/known issue? Am I just unlucky? It’s getting really old having to email Marvel to read my books as I had hoped to, I like to collect the books but read them digitally. I’m seriously considering dropping my entire pull list and just subbing to Marvel Unlimited at this point.
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2022.01.27 20:46 Bonkins There is a Phish Wordle! Created by @tmwsiy

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2022.01.27 20:46 LexiLouu1 This just came up on my feed and I’m deceased 💀💀💀💀😂

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2022.01.27 20:46 Orio435 i wish for the ability to spawn a sword 2 feet beside myself by snapping my fingers

the sword has a very sharp blade,it is made of high carbon steel and is indestructible and rustproof,it floats in midair until i grab it and i am the only one who can use it
while holding it i gain above-human physical attributes and can fire crescent-shaped energy projectiles from the blade
it is in the shape of a regular sword and appears instantly
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2022.01.27 20:46 s_macrae Mid/prime icon SBC, W or L?

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2022.01.27 20:46 Kooky_Onion24 Paper Mario Villains Ranked

I have been a paper mario fan since i first played Super Paper Mario at the age of 7, so i thought, why not discuss the best things about the games, (in most cases) the villain development. This list is purely personal and i'll be focusing on the villains motives and how good their plan is. These villains will not be judged by their games but i will be referencing their appearences in game
Lastly, i have not played TTYD (cue shock and anger) so i think it'll be unfair to rank the X-Nauts or the Shadow Queen as i have no experiences of either
Ok. You all knew this was coming. First of all, these two villains have literally the same plan. Capture Peach. If we look at the rest of the Mario and Luigi villains, they have used Bowser in every single way possible so it would make sense for Normal Bowser in paper jam to have such a basic plan as this is his first time as the villain. But Paper Bowser also wants to capture peach as his main motive, even though this has been his motive twice (once in 64, once in Sticker Star). Overall i would rank the double bowser duo slightly higher as they cause more collatoral damage whereas Sticker Star bowser just rehashes his actions from 64 (let his minions guard each of the artifacts whilst taking a painfully long time to enact his wish). But this time, unlike 64, we don't get any exposition on him. Having the koopalings be Bowsers main underlings in Paper Jam was cheap but the Kamek and Jr duo was fun comic relief and at least the bowser duo felt like a constant threat with Mario and Luigis unique storytelling

Saying that i had a hard time ranking these bottom three is an understatement, but for as boring and as stupid Black Bowser as a villain is, i've gotta give credit due where credits due. He had a plan other than kidnapping peach. Having Bowser be taken over by black paint and wanting to destroy the world with nukes made out of sed toxic black substance whilst being implied to be mind controlled by the black paint is a direction that, after Sticker Star, i was not expecting the new triliogy to go in. Sure they make the mistake of kidnapping peach again but, did i stutter, he wants to nuke the world in black paint which Huey informs us at the start of 'Chapter' 2 is a bad thing. For as dragged out of a story Colour Splash is, we don't get any exposition on Black Bowser until the big reveal. So, he had plenty of time to shoot the Banzai Bills down. I gave Paper Jam criticism for this so i have to ask again. Why Koopalings?
Now this is how you pull off a Peach Kidnapping plot. For as basic as Bowsers plan is, its his first attempt and damn does he go big with this one. Kidnapping the star sprites and giving all of them to formidable henchmen all with distinct personalities forcing mario to search the whole kingdom whilst bowser has peach secure and locked up in her castle where peach cannot escape no matter how hard she tries, as seen during the interludes. Bowser pulls out all of the stops and hires minions unlike normal troops ranging from a Captain Shy Guy to CLOUD. And the weirdest part is that, if it wasn't for the cheap unestablished powers of love that Princess Peach has, Bowser would've actually won
A lord of darkness once found forbidden love within a Human Girl. They grew so much in love together that it broke the dark lords heart to find out that his father had rejected the girl and she had run away. The lord, Blumiere, searched from dimension to dimension and, after seeing her nowhere, he gave up and established that all life was meaningless without her... Quite a tragic tale right? Welp, bring in Count Bleck, who to this day remains my favourite villain (in terms of character, not villainy). Anyway, Count Bleck decides to destroy all worlds by marrying off Bowser and Peach and using his henchmen to hinder Mario at every single juncture. His motives are probably the most reasonable out of everyone on this list and, despite Bleck rarely having any exposition in terms of plot (apart from inbetween chapters with his minions), the void feels like an ever looming threat, with it actually tearing apart a world late game, giving a constant sense of urgency. This is a man who is determined, but still very human. Once Nastasia is concerned about the void he apologises to her saying that he cannot stop it but she is free to stop being his minion anymore if she cannot go through with it. He has the highest ambitions of all the people on this list and, even though he knows hes morally wrong, hes too grief-stricken to stop himself
So, when i originally played through this game i didn't think much about Olly, he was a meh villain with a few interactions and quirks here and there. But on my 2nd playthrough, which i only did recently, it clicked. Olly has already succeeded partly in his plan from the get-go, he already practically sacrificed loads of toads, kidnapped Peach, made an army of Bowser minions and cut up the rest of them into horrible amalgamations like Paper Macho Buzzy using Scissors and Handaconda. Mario is stumbling in on a full blown massacare of the mushroom kingdom before he even reaches Toad Town. Well, well, well... maybe Olly is better than i gave him credit for. Certainly still below Paper Bowser thou- WHAT?! He defaced 40 toads in cold blood! He took over a theme park and crashed Bowsers Castle into a spa resort! And even worse... he technically killed two partners! Bobby is the more memorable one but Bowser Jr literally got hung, drawn and quartered and only revived because of the mysterious Spa pools. This list of murder and crime (even though the only person who fully died was Bobby, it is paper mario after all) is a little bit tainted by his still weak motive but he is a complete Overlord when it comes to capturing a kingdom. But i wonder who could be more Psychopathic...
  1. DIMENTIO (SPM) Whats better than having a good, reasonable motive? Having no motive... this guy should need NO introduction but let me recap.
Throughout SPM, Dimentio has been playing a little circus act, constantly swapping sides and playing games. Although in chapter 8 he commits suicide by bombing himself and Luigi, leading us to believe he died loyal to the Count. BUT NO, he purposefully planned it so that he would KILL Luigi in Chapter 6. Then go onto KILL Mario, Peach and Bowser at the start of chapter 7 leading all 4 of them to reunite and grab the last pure heart to stop Bleck with. Then he reveals, after Blecks defeat that he faked his suicide and steals the chaos heart himself to destroy all dimensions and, unlike Bleck, KEEP THEM DESTROYED. If isn't for Blumiere and Timpani recreating the pure hearts this masterful act of illusion, persuasion and puppetry would've gone on without a hitch. He purposefully deadlocked the heroes into collecting the pure hearts knowing that he was going to use them and Luigi after Bleck failed
Did i say Luigi... oh yeah, about that. When Luigi first gets captured by Nastasia we assume that he gets mind-controlled by her into being Mr L, which would be correct but in an excellent bit of foreshadowing we see O'Chunks being controlled by Dimentio with a Mind Control seed. He planted one inside Luigi at the perfect time for it to sprout after Blecks' defeat. So that he could fulfill the Dark Prognosticus and combine 'Mr L' and the chaos heart to start 'The Ultimate Show' as the whole universe crumbles into nothing. Truly, the scariest and most calculated villain in the whole Mario franchise, after all, it is just a game...
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2022.01.27 20:46 diannlace99 I never want to be without makeup!

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2022.01.27 20:46 Fireyy_3 Who is DTH Lemme and BearableBoar

I apologize I spelled their name wrong, but I have been exploring recently and notice DTH Lemme and BearableBoar's names pop up all around, Infact DTH Lemme discovered my home star system. I just wanted to know who they where. Does anyone know?
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2022.01.27 20:46 sxspiria Whoever runs the Aunty Donna fact check twitter is doing the lord's work

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2022.01.27 20:46 saywoodiditisback MEGA PYT CHAT 8,000 pics n videos 💰 HMU on IG 💰💰@ xyzcantbme

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2022.01.27 20:46 SlipperyFloors WTB 1 (2 or 4 gb) Jetson nano

Hey guys, I have a really bright uni student whose learning and projects would really benefit from getting them a Jetson nano, anyone willing to part with theirs? I'd be happy to pay the MSRP plus shipping to the U.S.
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2022.01.27 20:46 _idkmate_ Hybrid training routine, can I improve this?

I've been lifting for around 8 years so that part of my training is pretty squared away, over the past couple years I've been leaning more towards a hybrid training approach and learning more about improving performance so I can actually do something with the gains I've made. My priority is to build athletic performance but also slowly gain lean mass. Below is my current routine, I would appreciate some insight if there's anything I'm missing or could set up better.
Monday - Rest Tuesday - 5x1000m interval run + Jiu Jitsu (low intensity drilling) Wednesday - 5K tempo run + Weight session (high intensity, low volume) Thursday - 10k steady run + Jiu Jitsu (low intensity drilling) Friday - Steady swim + Weight session (high volume low intensity) Saturday - Judo (high intensity) Sunday - Rest
I've been running a similar routine for almost a year now and have made slow and steady progress but wondering if I'm leaving any gains on the table by the way I've set up the routine. I'm eating at maintenance/slight surplus
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